Biggest Babies Ever To Be Born

1. Nadia Khalina – Siberia’s Largest Baby Girl Ever.


The born baby weighed 7.74 kg(17.1 lbs) was given birth on September 26, 2007

2. Ademilton dos Santos – Brazil’s Largest Baby


Ademilton dos Santos who weighed 17 lbs(8 kgs) is the heaviest boy ever to be born in Brazil.

3. George King – UK’s Largest Baby


The baby weighed 17 pounds who is nearly twice the size of the average baby was born in United Kingdom in 2013

4. Jasleen – Germany’s Largest Baby


This Germany’s Baby was born on  July 26, 2013 weighed 6.1 kg (13.4 lbs) making  him the heaviest baby in that country.

5. (19.2) Pound Baby Born in Indonesia


An Indonesian Women gave birth to a boy baby who weighed 8.7 kg(17 lbs) on September 21, 2009.


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