Top tech reviewers on YouTube!

Check out the Top tech reviewers on YouTube!

First on the list MKBHD @Marques Brownlee


Marques Brownlee is a famous YouTuber with 3,221,583 subscribers,his tech videos reviews are about latest gadgets new phones in the market ,latest software’s ,hybrid automobiles .

Check out his channel

Second on the list Lewis Hilsenteger @ UNBOX THERAPY


Lewis brings us all the crazy gadgets from the tech world , he shares his unboxing experience on his YouTube channel and he has 3,736,061 subscribers for his channel . The crazy gadgets he shows on his videos are cool ,fun stuff .

Check out this channel for unbox

Third on the list Austin Evans @ AUSTIN EVANS

austin evan

Austin Evans is famous for his gaming reviews and building gaming rigs for the AAA titles within budget, he is a full time gaming and tech reviewer , his extreme detailed videos about what configurations you need to have to run latest games got him 1,306,589 subscribers on his YouTube channel .

check out his channel for Austin Evans

Fourth on the list Linus @ Linus Tech Tips

linus tech tips

Linus is famous for his enterprise level reviews on gadgets ,tech related stuff like software’s ,core hardware like hard disks ,server , workstations ,he has 2,341,923 subscribers on his YouTube channel .

Check out his channel for Linus Tech Tips

Fifth on the list Android Authority

android authority

This is a group of people who write reviews anything related to android ,google I/O , their videos not only stick to android they also give reviews upon products related to tech ,they have 1,748,820 subscribers on YouTube channel.



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