You Can Use Animated GIF Images as Wallpaper For Your Mac – Want To Know How


Here is an interesting thing that you can do to your Mac – Do you know that you can you can set GIF images to your Mac? “Probably not”, Don’t freak out, I am gonna let you know how simple it is to do.

Just follow these  few steps below and you too can have GIF image as your wallpaper.

Step 1: You should have a GIF image first, you can find readymade GIFs from Giphy, or using Photoshop to create your own cinemagraphs, or if you can use a video which interests you by converting into a GIF image using any online source like using ezgif.

Step 2: Now download GIFPaper app(link found via Reddit) and extract the content to a local folder.

Step 3: Find GIFPaperPrefs.prefPane file inside the extracted folder and double-click it to install the preferences pane. You can now go to your Mac’s System Preferences and double-click GIFPaperPref to launch the actual app.

Step 4: Browse the computer to locate the GIF image and set the scaling to “Axis Independently” and set the alignment to “Center”. Then what, that is all you have to do. You can now find the GIF image is set as your wallpaper.

Note: Do not do this on old Macs since it does not consume your system resources.



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